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Ridwan Kamil | Architect & Bandung City Mayor (2013-2018)

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emil di da bdg

Pendopo Hall, Bandung – 2015

ridwan kamil

City Hall Park, Bandung – 2014

ridwan kamil

Hamamatsu, Japan – 2014


Hamamatsu, Japan – 2014

ridwan kamil

Sadangserang, Bandung – 2013

ridwan kamil

Kampung Pasundan, Bandung – 2013

ridwan kamil

City Hall, Bandung – 2013


Babakan Siliwangi City Forest, Bandung – 2012


Babakan Siliwangi City Forest, Bandung – 2011


Braga, Bandung – 2009


Braga, Bandung – 12 December 2009


Bottle House, Bandung – 2009

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August 29, 2014 at 5:12 am

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