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“Here Comes The Sun” | A Photography Project by galih sedayu

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Pada mulanya matahari.

Matahari yang datang dengan setia.

Setia menyapa dari timur hingga barat dalam cinta.

Cinta yang senantiasa terbit dan terbenam.

Terbenam dalam perputaran waktu yang berulang.

Berulang agar alam semesta tetap seimbang.

Seimbang agar gelap dan terang ada.

Ada menjadi tiada seperti hidup manusia.

Manusia semestinya menyadari dan mensyukuri.

Mensyukuri karena berkat dan rejeki.

Rejeki yang sejatinya kita minta setiap hari.

Hari dimana doa senantiasa dipanjatkan kepada Sang Terang Ilahi.


In the beginning was the sun.

The sun that come faithfully.

Faithfully greet from east to west with love

Love that always rises and sets.

Sets in turning around of time repeatly.

Repeatly to keep the universe in balance.

Balance to keep the dark and the light are always exist.

Exist become nothing just like a life of human.

Human beeing who realize and grateful.

Grateful foe a blessing and fortune.

Fortune that we always ask everyday .

Everyday where a prayer always offered to the God of light.


Teks & Foto / Text & Photographs: galih sedayu

Thanks to The Beatles for the Inspiring Song, “Here Comes The Sun”

#15KaryaFoto #15Photographs

Ende – Flores Island | 30 May 2022

Kelimutu Lake – Flores Island | 29 May 2022

Tate Museum – Liverpool, United Kingdom | 2 September 2019

Cengkeh Afo and Gamalama Spices – Ternate Island | 18 November 2018


Kebon Udjo – Java Island | 23 June 2018


Kebon Udjo – Java Island | 23 June 2018


Manggrove Forest – Bali Island | 6 July 2015


Lovina Beach – Bali Island | 4 July 2015


Ciumbuleuit – Bandung | 24 July 2014


Borobudur Temple – Java Island | 4 March 2014


Punthuk Setumbu – Java Island | 3 March 2014

hutan pinus 01_blog

Tahura Forest – Java Island | 21 July 2013


Cipanas – Java Island | 26 December 2012


Boko Temple – Java Island | 14 October 2011

jabar (12)_blog

Papandayan Mountain – Java Island | 2001

Copyright (c) by galih sedayu
All right reserved. No part of this pictures may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopy, recording or any another information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission in writing from photographer.

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