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“Little Wing” | A Photography Project by galih sedayu

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Pada mulanya sayap.

Sayap yang membawa manusia terbang.

Terbang menembus langit dan awan.

Awan pun menjadi jendela keindahan.

Keindahan bumi dan daratan dengan segala pesona.

Pesona keajaiban karya Sang Pencipta.

Pencipta yang menginginkan manusia tetap bekerja.

Bekerja dengan segala kesempatan untuk menjelajah.

Menjelajah ruang angkasa dan samudera kehidupan.

Kehidupan yang begitu berarti dan sungguh berharga.

Berharga sehingga kita wajib memanjatkan syukur dalam doa.

Doa agar kita senantiasa mendapatkan perlindungan dan keselamatan.


In the beginning was a wing.

Wing that bring us to fly.

Fly through the sky and cloud.

Cloud that become a window of beauty.

Beauty of the earth and land with all its charm.

Charm of magic from work of creator.

Creator who wants us to keep working.

Working with the chance to explore.

Explore the space and the ocean of life.

Life that full of meaning and so precious.

Precious that we must give thanks in a pray.

Pray that we will always get a protection and saviour.


Teks & Foto / Text & Photographs: galih sedayu

Thanks to Jimi Hendrix for the Inspiring Song, “Little Wing”

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26 October 2017


6 September 2017


19 December 2016


19 December 2016


18 December 2016


18 December 2016


16 December 2016

Copyright (c) by galih sedayu
All right reserved. No part of this pictures may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopy, recording or any another information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission in writing from photographer.

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